In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Forward Coupar Angus is restricted in the activities it can provide. This means that our venues and projects may have to close or not able to operate fully. During this period in responding to restrictions, we will attempt to operate as best we can. Limited volunteering opportunities where possible will remain available, but will take place within Socially Distanced and all other protective requirements. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Volunteers are important to everything Forward Coupar Angus seeks to achieve, where we recognise the importance and valuable contribution made by volunteers, who give their time to add value to the work of our organisation and support the activities provided in the wider community.

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We maintain a Volunteer Charter that seeks to promote volunteering as being open and inclusive to all. Where every effort will be made by Forward Coupar Angus to utilises the skills volunteers are able to bring, as well as understand volunteers needs and aspirations in trying to offer an appropriate opportunity.

Many of our volunteering opportunities are focused upon our Market and Community Gardens, coving a range of crop production, gardening and maintenance tasks. We may also have other volunteering opportunities at the Cycle Hub, in our High Street and ReUse Stores and in our Office, as well as being able to signpost volunteers to other organisation.

Young people are actively encouraged to engage in volunteering, where those under 16 with need to provide the formal sent of their parents or guardian, or otherwise come as part of a group, such as with a School Teacher or Youth Activities Support Worker. We can also provide opportunities for people who need to do volunteering in a one to one supported setting, where they may want to undertake volunteering accompanied by someone to support them.

All our staff who hold primary responsibility for overseeing and supervising volunteers are fully accredited to PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) at the Scottish Disclosure Scheme Enhanced level.
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For further information please contact us at: