What can you make from a bunch of old nettles? A hearty, healthy, low carbon soup!
Would you like to learn how to safely forage ingredients for your next meal for free? Join Jane from FCA’s Low Carbon Classroom to learn how.
Groups of 5 will be taken on a guided walk around Coupar Angus’ woodland and shown how to safely forage for wild, seasonal ingredients. The walk will last roughly 60 minutes.
This event is free and takes place Thursday 13th May.
We’re running an afternoon session (1 – 3pm) and an evening session (6 – 7.30pm).
We’d love to see you there!
Contact Jane to book at climate.literacy@forwardcouparangus.org
To learn more about lowering your carbon footprint while gaining useful skills, watch The Low Carbon Classroom’s videos on How To Coppice Willow or Visible Mending.