Butterybank Community Woodland evolved over a number of years starting in 2006 by a group of enthusiasts who after nearly ten years of effort approached Forward Coupar Angus to be responsible for the future stewardship and care of the project in the long term.

With much enthusiasm and a few very committed volunteers with an interest in woodland regeneration, a lease for the land in perpetuity was obtained from Perth and Kinross Council, with later grant funds being attracted to increase planting, improve biodiversity habitat and provide interpretive trail features.

The first trees were planted by volunteers in 2015, forming a diverse range of native broad leaved trees and fruit cultivators, included a mix of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Silver Birch, Common Oak and Rowan which donated by the Woodland Trust. As well as fruit trees such as apple, pear and plum.

Further planting in the autumn of 2016 achieved with the support of the Dundee Lions, added to tree diversity with species including Spruce, Western Hemlock and Larch. This was further added to by another Woodland Trust seasonal donation tree pack comprising Hawthorn, Dogwood, Silver Birch, Hazel and Rowan. More trees were planted in 2017 to soften the boundary of the main planting area. A total of approximately 800 trees have been planted on the almost 2 hectare site.

The creation of the Community Woodland site was recognised in the summer of 2017 via a Scottish Fine Woods Award at the Royal Highland Show for its efforts in promoting community silviculture, in receiving an a official plaque and Certificate of Commendation. The Woodland has been successfully included on the Judges Tours for Britain in Bloom and Keep Scotland Beautiful awards.

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The Buttery Bank Community Woodland is not only enjoyed by walkers and nature lovers of Coupar Angus. But is a significant environmental learning asset utilised by pupils from the local primary school, who have also been involved in planting  trees, as well as using the woodland for learning about biodiversity, the environment and sustainability. As part of a recent year-long project, pupils unveiled their very own biodiversity information panel at Butterybank.

The woodland has become a real asset for the town and one which Forward Coupar Angus is very proud to maintain with the continuing support and enthusiasm of those involved from the outset.
Forward Coupar Angus - Woodlands

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