Forward Coupar Angus is a development trust founded to improve the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of the town Coupar Angus and its immediate surrounding area. It was  founded in 2010 and is managed by a Board of Trustees. We have over 200 members and work with around 70 volunteers who are integral to sustaining our work.


Our vision is to enable Coupar Angus to be a vibrant and diverse community reflecting a range of interests that all residents can feel a part of. Helping our community to create opportunities for a betterment, whilst aiming to raise awareness of the important challenges and contributions people can make associated with alleviating climate change issues.


Our mission is to improve the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of Coupar Angus. We seek to do this via a cohesive supportive approach working with other in collaborative mutually beneficial  ways to help us all achieve our goals.

As a registered charity we are Regulated in Law under the Charities Act 2006 by the Office of the Charity Regulator, we are also a registered Company Limited by Guarantee under Memorandum and Articles of Association adopted September 2010, which can be viewed in this section of our website.

Charity number: SC042646. Scottish Company Limited by Guarantee number: SC386148. Our accounts are audited every year by Independent Chartered Accountants. Our Annual Accounts can be viewed in this section of the website.

Forward Coupar Angus also employs a number of staff funded from various mainly grant funded sources, who are engaged in a number of project delivery roles, as well as overseeing our core administration and finance.

We actively collaborate with other community groups and organisations both locally and regionally. Particularly those that share our aspirations relating to adapting to climate change and promoting local food sustainability, where we recognised the support we have received for a number of years from the Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund.

We also work cooperatively with neighbouring Alyth Development Trust and The Blairgowrie & Rattray Development Trust via joint commonly focused initiatives within the Vale of Strathmore. This includes working together with these Trusts to developing the Strathmore Cycle Network, which aims to connect all three local  towns and to promote the increase of Active Travel between them by local people and visitors